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Give in to Molly Bracken dresses, sweaters, and waistcoats! A uniquely styled line of women's clothes, between romantic lace and sportswear. An affirmed Bohemian, sportswear look with Molly Bracken women’s clothing. Prefer a lace skirt and a waistcoat or pants and a sweatshirt? The Var-based ready-to-wear brand combines styles for a fanciful romantic look. A crepe-cloth dress, a light blouse with ruffled short sleeves, lightweight pants and flowered tunics, or even a short-sleeved sweater: Molly Bracken plays with fashion to everyone’s delight. We love the liberty printed skirt together with a plain white waistcoat and sandals. In the winter, the timeless Molly Bracken dancer sweater hits the mark with slim jeans and stylish sneakers. 42914.6808912037 359 PRODUCTION 118 default_brand