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Roxy is a ready-to-wear brand specializing in boardsports. It was conceived as the female counterpart to the Quiksilver men's clothing brand, and it was created in 1991 by the same designers, Alan Green and John Law, two former professional surfers. Roxy is one of the first brands to offer clothing for women surfers, and Roxy’s clothing is adapted for taking part in these sports while being sturdy and stylish. Little by little, Roxy clothing is leaving the specific world of boardsports to enter mainstream fashion. Roxy has developed several lines of sportswear: clothing and accessories for skiing or snowboarding, wetsuits, and a line of more traditional t-shirts and pants to wear when taking part in a favorite activity. Roxy swimsuits are also very famous: they have colorful and festive designs, while supporting the body very well while swimming or surfing. 42914.6808912037 391 PRODUCTION 118 default_brand