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The Soft Grey brand belongs to the La Redoute group. It offers clothing collections for men, women, and children, all at low prices. The Soft Grey style is trendy and mixes rock, chic, and Bohemian influences to perfection. There is a diverse range of clothing for daytime as well as for evenings, among which are Soft Grey tops, dresses, and even coats. The items available come in chic material like leather, cotton, and lace with trendy finishing touches, like sequins. Soft Grey dresses the whole family in style. The brand also offers shoes and various accessories. For example, there are original and sleek designed Soft Grey bags for women, belts, scarves, and even hats. The brand makes a point of offering resolutely modern items, in order to be trendy throughout the year. There are also different types of bottoms, such as pants, jeans, skirts, and even jogging bottoms and leggings. 42914.6808912037 391 PRODUCTION 118 default_brand