Magic Lift Firm Support Bra

Colour White
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Magic Lift Firm Support Bra - GLAMORISE

The Magic Lift bra by Glamorise offers exceptional support and the ultimate in comfort. This Glamorise bra fastens at the front.
Fabric content and details:
Magic Lift firm support without any underwiring.
Inner cotton control bands support the back.
Front hook fastening and extra wide back adjustable straps.
• Fabric: 40% polyamide, 30% polyester, 20% cotton, 10% elastane

• Brand: Glamorise
• Style: Magic Lift

Care advice:

• Wash at 30° with similar colours, preferably in a mesh laundry bag.
• Do not tumble dry.

Colour White, Black, Skintone
Size US 36D FR 95D, US 36DD FR 95E, US 36F FR 95F, US 38D FR 100D, US 38DD FR 100E, US 38F FR 100F, US 38G FR 100G, US 40C FR 105C, US 40D FR 105D, US 40DD FR 105E, US 40F FR 105F, US 40G FR 105G, US 42C FR 110C, US 42D FR 110D, US 42DD FR 110E, US 42F FR 110F, US 42G FR 110G, US 44C FR 115C, US 44D FR 115D, US 44DD FR 115E, US 44F FR 115F, US 44G FR 115G, US 46C FR 120C, US 46D FR 120D, US 46DD FR 120E, US 46F FR 120F, US 46G FR 120G, US 48C FR 125C, US 48D FR 125D, US 48DD FR 125E, US 48F FR 125F, US 48G FR 125G, US 50G FR 130G
Magic Lift Firm Support Bra  - GLAMORISE
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Magic Lift Firm Support Bra - GLAMORISE
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